Kardia mou, sou milao
(I am talking to you, my heart!)

The new record company Valentino Music Entertainment (Greece) is presenting its first record production titled: “Kardia mou, sou milao” (I am talking to you, my heart!) performed by Santia.

The songs included in the album ranges from the symphonic-ethnic pop and pop ballads, to rock shades both in Greek and English, sending out a romantic or humorously erotic and at times a social shade.
The real surprise comes from the first CD track titled “Santian…na” which is a mystic blend of voice and melody expressed though a personal language. At the same time, the two pop ballads, “Hilies dio stigmes” (A thousand and two moments) and “Kardia mou, sou milao” (I am talking to you, my heart!) create a dreamy atmosphere meant to travel you away, yet accompanied by more vivid rythms in “To allo mou ego” (My alter ego) and the English- speaking “I’m not gonna stay!”.

Santia performs, plays the piano and signs under the music in “Heart beat dancing” as well as the lyrics in most songs. Vasso Samartzi and Tima Vlastou are the other two people responsible for the lyrics, too.

The composition and arrangement of the songs is attributed to Valentino, a professionally active musician and composer both in Greece and abroad, known for his many important collaborations with Deep Purple, Charle Aznavour, Julia Migenes, Chick Corea, George Moustaki, Manos Chatzidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Marinella and many more.

The date for the official album release is set for the beginning of January 2005 but it will be available in fine stores by December 22 2004.
For more info santia@valentino-music.com

It surely is a distinct work which will perfectly meet the expectations of even the most demanding part of the audience through a simple complexity of personal style and multifarious shades of sounds.

We hope you experience an enjoyable hearing!